Pixel Perfect


The Palette-based Pixel Editor

Pixel Perfect has a clean, modern interface designed to make it fun and easy to create your very own pixel art. It's built around the idea of palettes, and makes it easy to swap one palette with another.

Contains multiple features including:

  • 20+ built-in palettes
  • Ability to create customized palettes
  • Image layers, multiple frames and animations
  • Instantly preview animations in progress
  • Standard drawing tools including pen, eraser, lines, and shapes
  • Customized drawing tools such as the dithering pen and the color replacement tool
  • Export your pixel animations as separate files or as a single sprite-sheet
  • Quickly swap image palettes

Pixel Perfect is strongly palette-based, which means that each pixel in your artwork must belong to the current palette. The practical upshot of this is that changing palette colors will alter the entire image automatically. Changing palettes entirely will allow you to conveniently swap colors and export the new image for use in your game or project.